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Petra owns and teaches at Create Power Yoga in East Providence, RI. All of the classes at Create Power Yoga are for all levels of student.

Petra teaches dynamic group classes steeped in helping all students better understand their bodies and the ways in which movement works.

Hip & Back Yoga

Petra teaches Hip & Back Yoga, a yoga stretch class that she developed specifically for students with back injuries, particularly herniated disks. The class has progressed to encompass a wide-range of functional movement for students with back, neck and hip problems. The class teaches overall mobility and strength and educates students in how to care for the problems that arise from our modern postures like sitting and phone/computer overuse. Petra also trains other teachers within Create Power Yoga in the methodology of this specialized class.

Power Yoga

Petra teaches a Baptiste-inspired power yoga class. She believes the The “power” in power yoga – and especially hot power yoga – does not only refer to physical demand. Power yoga asks students to find within themselves the agency to make their own choices about their movement and practice. Petra’s classes are often focused on a particular type of movement or engagement so that you leave class having been immersed in discovery of your body and what it can do.

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